Unique natural look.

Featuring durable, 3-ply z-twist yarn made with a blend of several different varieties of pure wool, Residence contributes refined detail and interest to any interior, with a uniquely natural hairy look and feel.

Superior multi-level acoustics.

Residence performs exceptionally well in reducing noise transmission between floors in multi-level dwellings and developments, with Ln,w + Ci values that meet the Builders Code of Australia requirements for such buildings.


Refined Level Tufted Loop Pile Carpet

Pile Content

100% Pure New Wool



Total Pile Weight

1220g/m² (36oz/yd²)

Pile Height

7.0mm ± 1mm



Primary Backing

Woven polypropylene

Secondary Backing

Blue Stripe Synthetic Backing

Fire Rating (Conv. Install)

Smoke Value 125% min, Extra Heavy Duty Residential (5*)

Traffic Class (ACCS Classification)

Residential: Extra Heavy Duty (5*), Contract: Medium Duty (2*)


Specifications subject to ± 5% variation

Dye Batch Variation

Colour variation may occur from batch
to batch

Guarantees *conditions apply

15 year residential*, 10 year insect deterrent*

Pattern Repeat

Not applicable


Quality Assured to ISO 9001, Environmental Management System 14001